Sunday, 19 February 2012


OK, so today's LFW experience was FAR superior to Friday's.
The Topshop show space introduced me to Fashion Week as it should be; Anna Wintour, pink lemonade and backstage passes.
I didn't quite know where to look first as I walked through the backstage area to where we were setting up.
Models, hair, make-up, food, champagne, clothes, models, drinks, models.
Models are pretty amazing aren't they.
I'm back at Somerset house tomorrow and then show space for Mary K and Meadham on Tuesday.
I actually cannot fucking wait.

and for the ones that aren't edited, aka the ones I didn't Instagram...

Rita Ora.
My new obsession.

Nasir Mazhar; not only is he the biggest rudeboy ever, that had grime blasting out the speakers for his exhibition, but he makes the sickest fucking accessories I have ever seen and is without a doubt one of the coolest people on earth because he wore a Nike tracksuit to fashion week and didn't give a fuck.

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