Sunday, 12 December 2010


I know xfactor isn't cool and I'd usually stay away from blogging about it unless it was something relevant like how fit Harry is but it's nearly over so I think it's acceptable to do one final xfactor 2010 post.

Ok so I may have bummed Cher at the beginning but I'm over it, when she raps I want to cover my eyes and nothing will ever be as good as her first audition.
Glad she's gone but I'm not really bothered about Matt or Rebecca either.

I want One Direction to win purely because I want to have their babies.
Harry's babies to be precise.
and Zain's maybe as well..

Oh and how the fuck can I not mention how absolutely insanely fit Rihanna is.
She is god.
If I was Matt Cardle I would have a boner.
Rihanna to win.

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