Friday, 17 December 2010


Christmas is basically just around the corner and apart from a brief moment making Christmas hampers at work I haven't really felt the Christmas spirit.
My house is twinkling with fairy lights and my Mum decorated the tree alone the other night.
I haven't even been down to look at it in it's glory.
This is so un-me.
Maybe having a full time job sucks the fun out of Christmas.
I guess the fact that I didn't have time to do proper shopping and got it all online is probably part of it too.
I'm also slightly shitting it that none of the presents are going to arrive because at the moment only one has.
Working Christmas eve and Boxing day also means that Christmas is technically just going to be a 24 hour thing for me and the rest of the weekend I'll be slaving away at Topshop helping people choose stuff to buy as presents or exchange after Christmas.
I guess the fact that next year there will be a bubba in the family means that this Christmas will be pretty irrelevant in comparison.
On another note I apologize for the lack in posts lately, I barely have time to go out these days so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat in my life but I promise to keep on top of things and hopefully I'll take some photographs over the festive period.
NYE plans everyone?
I'm so undecided.

Oh and one last thing, look at my bitch Elle (far right) in the top-to-toe Topshop outfit I chose.
I stole this picture from The Sun website, don't tell anyone.
My work in the papers babes.
How frikkin cool.

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